Ultrasounding in Wellington

    February 4, 2015
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    Hi again from Wellington!

    This last week has been another fun and exciting week in the life of a sport horse intern. The main draw of doing an internship for me was the opportunity to continue my education after graduation from veterinary school in specific avenues, such as improving my techniques in ultrasonography.

    This last week Dr. Courtney Wittich and I have had a couple of cases that required the imaging modality of ultrasound and we also found a couple of normal horses for me to practice ultrasounding different lower limb areas.

    Typically, Dr. Wittich will scan the horse first and we will discuss areas with lesions or strains. Then it is my turn- we spend time making sure I am able to get good quality images of all important structures within the specific area we are examining. Another part to the learning are the discussions we have with owners and trainers after the ultrasound exam. We are able to formulate the best treatment schedules and training plans based on the findings.

    It has been great to learn so much from both the cases and “practice” horses. Stay tuned for another update next week!

    Dr. Marty Whitehouse

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