Life on the Road

    October 9, 2012
    Bourbon Chase Team

    Life on the Road by Dr. Jackie Snyder

    As an ambulatory intern at the biggest equine clinic in the world, I am quickly learning how to live life on the road.   I have already put several thousand miles on my SUV on the beautiful, windy roads of central Kentucky.  I have a spill proof coffee mug & water bottle, snacks stowed away for days when lunch doesn’t happen, and a great playlist on my iPod for a pick me up between farm calls.  Thus, I thought I would be prepared for a 30 hour road trip with some fellow coworkers, and their family and friends. We were embarking on an adventure called the “Bourbon Chase.” We had spent months training for this 200 mile relay run, but all of the preparation and training in the world  could not prepare us for the mental and physical challenge we were about to put ourselves through. I quickly found out that our road trip was going to test even the most experienced ambulatory practitioners.

    The race started off at the Maker’s Mark Distillery. Our team consisted of 12 runners; each running three legs of the race to cover 200 miles into downtown Lexington.  We would run through the night, decked out in our reflective gear and headlamps.  Each suburban (with six runners and one driver) would take turns making stops for a couple hours of sleep on the gym floor in Danville, grabbing food, and finding real bathrooms.  We would run through the Wild Turkey, Four Roses, and Woodford Reserve distilleries before running past many of the beautiful horse farms we work on, and into downtown Lexington.

    A big challenge for any ambulatory practitioner is keeping your truck stocked appropriately.  So what did we have to stock to make it through this journey?

    -         Over 24,000 mgs of NSAIDs

    -         About 1200 ounces of Gatorade/Powerade (That’s enough to fill a small swimming pool!)

    -         4 pairs of ear plugs so that we can sleep through the snoring (we should have brought more!)

    -         18 sticks of deodorant (yes- there were extras)

    -         48 pairs of socks

    -         7 sleeping bags (Yes, not quite enough)

    -         Numerous Shot Blocks, Gatorade Performance gels, & Gu gels

    -         1 Big Mac & fries (Any guesses on the consumer?)

    I was very proud of our team. A great deal of time, dedication, and training went into crossing that finish line 200 miles later. We suffered greatly (two toenails were lost during the run), but we suffered together and that’s what made it so much fun.  Each individual had a specific task to accomplish, and none of us could have made it without our team.  Honestly,
    it reminds me a lot of our practice. Everyone has their own clients and responsibilities, but at the end of the day it is a team effort to get the job done.

    I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone that supported us by either covering on-call duties for us, sending us words of encouragement, or showing up to watch us cross that finish line.  Finally, thank you to Runovia for sponsoring our team!  GO TEAM HAGYARD!!

    Team Hagyard was brought to you by…

    Lindsey “The Pharmacy” Roberts

    Luke “The Duke” Fallon

    Jenn “Take 3min off my time” Feiner

    Ernie “Big E” Martinez

    Rocky “Balboa” Mason

    Wendy “Smile for the Camera” Mason

    Gerrod “The Flash” Green

    Laura “EPF” Riley

    CJ “Where’s my MATE” Smith

    Jackie “Livin’ the Dream” Snyder

    Jill “Just Wingin’ It” Westerholm

    Amber “13.1” Gebhard