Equine Rescue

    Hagyard Emergency Response Team
    The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's Emergency Response Team is a group of veterinarians and technicians highly skilled in technical rescue techniques. This dedicated team and its ambulance, upon confirmation from a designated Hagyard veterinarian, are available for equine emergency situations such as rescue and transport of recumbent horses, trailer accidents, mud and water rescue, extraction of horses trapped in holes, and night search and rescue.

    The ambulance has a hydraulic floor capable of raising and lowering vertically, providing safe and easy entry and exit into and out of the ambulance. It is equipped with a primary and secondary rescue glide, vertical lift equipment, a sling, mud rescue equipment, webbing, ropes, medical supplies, a winch for pulling, and a generator to provide power for lights during night rescue operations.

    Response areas include Fayette, Bourbon, Scott and Woodford counties in the state of Kentucky. The objectives of the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's Emergency Response Team are as follows:

    1. Provide a safe, clean ambulance for transporting critical patients between Hagyard facilities with:
      • On-site technicians who can help assist with transportation
      • On-site driver
    2. Provide the Community with a state-of the-art ambulance for their horses, when needed with:
      • Specially Trained Personnel
      • Specialized Equipment
    3. Raise awareness and the level of care for horses in critical situations by providing a well-known, state-of-the-art training program for veterinarians and lay people around the world.
      • We have trained over 300 Rescue personnel, veterinarians and technicians in Kentucky in Technical Large Animal Rescue.

    Rescue Equipment

    Although the Hagyard Emergency Response Team is available to respond to emergencies, there are several pieces of equipment that you may find useful to have on hand during an emergency. Click here to view a list of some of these pieces of equipment.

    For more information about Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's Emergency Response Team, please contact Nicole Tomlinson at 859-685-3709 or ntomlinson@hagyard.com.