Educational Resources for Owners


    USEF Vaccination Requirement

    USEF Microchipping Requirement


    Acupuncture in Horses

    Anhidrosis in Horses

    Back Pain in Dressage Horses (podcast)

    Breeding Soundness Exam


    Clostridium Difficile-Enterocolitis in Foals & Adults

    Does my horse have gastric ulcers? 

    Embryo Transfer (podcast) 

    Endometrial Cysts 

    Equine Melanomas 

    Feeding My Horse an Anhidrosis Supplement 

    Foaling Barn Equipment 

    Gastric Ulceration Study

    How do you treat chondritis & pharyngitis?

    How have stem cell therapies advanced? 

    Impaction Colic and Hydration 

    International Travel with Horses 

    Joint Therapies 

    Laser Therapy 

    Lawsonia Intracellularis 


    Love Your Horse's Skin 

    Lumps and Bumps, Oh My!

    Management of Chronic Exertional Rhabdomyolysis 



    Milk Replacer for the Growing Foal 

    “My horse has got {insert problem} and it sells in {insert # of days}!!”

    Navicular Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment (podcast)

    Nenoatal Isoerythrolysis

    Placental Hydrops 

    Poisonous Plants: 1st Edition

    Poisonous Plants: 2nd Edition 

    Potomac Horse Fever 

    Preparing for the Breeding Shed 

    Preparing your Horse for Transport

    Preparing your Mare for Breeding 

    Preparing your Older Horse for Winter 

    Prevention and Outbreak Management of Foal Diarrhea 

    Protect your Horse from Parasites 

    Strangles Old Problem, New Treatments

    The Complete Guide to Foal Care for Dummies 

    The Equine Veterinarian and Equine Oral Health Part 1 

    The Hindgut's Role in Digestion 

    Vaccinating your Pregnant Mare 

    Veterinarians & Vaccinations- why your horse needs both

    What are the Symptoms of EHV-1 and how do I protect my horse? 

    What causes tying up and how can it be prevented?

    What is the most effective way to treat diarrhea in foals? 

    What to Expect when your Mare is Expecting- A Normal Foaling 

    Why is HA (Hyaluronan) important for the joints? 

    Your Foal has Rotavirus

    Your Foal Has Salmonella but Is Not Sick