Biosecurity Program

    Hagyard is commited to safeguarding each and every patient at the McGee Medicine Center through our biosecurity program, recognized as "the most extensive of its kind" by university experts.

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    As part of our commitment to infectious disease prevention, we now bring our biosecurity program directly to you, our clients, at your horse farms and facilities.

    What is biosecurity?

    Biosecurity is defined as management practices and/or procedures that reduce or eliminate the risk of infectious disease outbreaks. These practices often involve:

    • animal health proceduresBarn Aisle
    • pasture and stable management
    • manure handling                  
    • water and soil quality
    • "traffic" patterns

    Unique challenges inherent to equine facilities and related to biosecurity protocols may include:

    • Traffic and Travel - Stallions and breeding farms see scores of mares coming and going daily in certain seasons. Riding stables rely on a constant stream of visitors and horse movement as clients take lessons or haul animals in and out to shows or trail rides.
    • Close quarters - Horse often are housed together for extended periods in barns and stables.
    • Human Contact - Frequent contact by individuals not consistently well-educated in biosecurity procedures.
    • Inadequate or non-existent isolation areas.
    • Inapproproate manure management.

    Prevention is key

    It is often difficult to know where to start - or to detect problems and determine new protocols to improve overall health.

    The Hagyard Biosecurity Team offers clients

    • an in-depth, extensive assessment of their biosecurity risks,
    • assistance in reducing the prevalence of infectious diseases on the farm, and
    • ongoing surveillance on a regular basis.

    The Program

    Our program begins with a visit to your farm or facility by a Hagyard veterinarian and project coordinator. They will first review the farm's history regarding infectious diseases, and then will conduct a visual assesment of the overall facility including the identification of high risk areas.

    The visit continues as environmental samples are taken, current disinfecting procedures are assessed, and the quarantine/isolation program is reviewed and evaluated.

    An overview report and specific recommendations will then be presented. A detailed implementation plan especially designed to help you effectively prevent and control infectious diseases will also be provided. The report will be available in both hard copy and digital form.

    Our biosecurity assessment program reduces the frustrations and expenses involved with chronically ill horses. It offers a powerful, proactive approach to the overall health of your horse population.

    For more information or to schedule a farm consultation, please contact the McGee Medicine Center at (859) 253-0002 or